Types of Travel Agencies in Europe

There are several types of travel agencies in Europe, including traditional brick-and-mortar businesses and online booking services. Both offer booking and reservation services, and their operators generate revenue from commissions. There are also a few niches within the industry, such as the Scandinavian market, where the demand for travel is particularly high. And with Europe being such a large and diverse area, there are numerous opportunities for niche operators.

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In addition to retail travel agencies, there are also wholesale travel agencies. Wholesale travel agencies purchase various components of travel in bulk and resell them to other travel companies. Assuming a certain percentage of the sales are for package tours, wholesale agency agents are often more expensive. For this reason, they should be more expensive. However, they tend to charge less because they can guarantee the best prices. And most wholesale agencies are also open to discount rates.

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There are many types of travel agencies in Europe. These businesses specialize in particular countries or regions. They usually work with major travel companies and offer a wide variety of holiday packages. Unlike traditional high street retail businesses, call centres can be found just about anywhere, and sometimes even in developing countries, which has a detrimental impact on their service. Another type of agency is the internet, which is based on the web and consists of independent travel agents.

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