Should You Use Work Pants Over Jeans?

Jeans have always enjoyed unparalleled popularity in the fashion market. However, there have been frequent complaints about the cloth not being suitable for engaging in outdoor work. So maybe track pants can be considered as an alternative.

But what about professional settings? Track pants might make you seem casual and create an unfavourable impression on your customers or employer. But is there a piece of cloth that combines comfort and ruggedness?

Thankfully, due to the rise of options like FXD work pants, it is possible to segregate your wardrobe comfortably. But what makes these pants so unique?

Into the World of Work Pants

Work pants offer a flexible option you can configure according to your preferences. Manufacturers usually create them out of denim, the material used to make jeans or cotton duck. So, what makes them perfect for outdoor activities?

Work pants comprise a thicker material than other pants, often embedded with double or triple-woven fabric to guarantee durability. Simultaneously, these pants are also synonymous with flexibility, allowing freedom of movement while you’re engaged in physically straining work.

The zippers provided on the pants are also sturdy, lasting for longer periods than traditional zippers. Their waterproof nature also means that you can work in damp conditions without worrying about permanent damage to the fabrics of your work pants.

Jeans V/S Work Pants

You might argue that the original function of jeans was to act as work pants. However, as time passed and technology evolved, humans had a better hold on fabric technology, leading to products like FXD work pants.

Despite their similarity of being crafted out of denim, they fulfil different functions. Generally, work pants are more expensive than jeans. However, they also last longer due to their durability, compared to the lifespan of jeans, which is around 2-3 years.

Not to mention, work pants are meant for more labour-intensive work and boast flexibility to ensure no rupture. But, on the other hand, jeans may not be comfortable for intensive work and may buckle under strenuous activity.

Why Choose Denim?

Denim has always proved to be a resilient material. Hence, it is no surprise that the global denim market was valued at 21.8 US billion dollars in 2020 and is expected to reach over 26 billion dollars by 2026.

The fabric initially gained popularity as a durable and repairable option among gold miners. Although finding wide use for making fashion items like jeans and jackets, the appeal of denim as a sturdy material is still intact.

It has been mixed with numerous other fabrics to create new clothing items with added strength and aesthetics. The textile is derived from cotton and can take numerous forms depending on the end use. A work pants is one such form, where the fabric gains additional strength due to multiple layers of stitching.

Final Thoughts

The answer is yes; work pants are better than jeans for engaging in fieldwork. Of course, as new materials emerge and fashion grows, it is to be seen if brands can create work pants out of better materials. But for now, these pants have no competitors due to the comfort and value they offer to the customer.

So, the next time you’re in the mood to buy a new pair of jeans, stop and consider work pants. After all, unlike jeans, you can use them in both casual and professional settings!