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Roblox Age Rating 2022

The age rating of Roblox is 10 years old, but there are still many younger users who play it. This could be a problem for them in the real world, as they are susceptible to online predators. To keep kids safe, Roblox has group and private messaging capabilities. Messages are private, and you are not allowed to post your real name. However, you can post hashtags in private messaging. In this way, you will avoid being visible to other players.

The PEGI rating of Roblox is 7 in the UK and Europe. The PEGI rating is due to the frequent scenes of mild violence that may scare young children. However, the game is free to play and has no age restrictions, unlike other popular games like Fortnite, which has a PEGI rating of 12. Roblox also has a system of age verification, which requires a user to scan their identification when logging in. Parents should take this into account when deciding whether or not to let their kids play the game.

Roblox is a popular gaming platform aimed at kids and young teens. Parents should take care to keep their children safe while playing the game. The PEGI age rating for Roblox is 7+, which means it’s appropriate for children to play it. However, parents should monitor their children’s activity and install parental controls. If they are under 13, they should not allow their children to play the game. While it is fun, it is important to remember that games on the website can be inappropriate for kids.

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