Jobs For Engineers After An MBA Technical Or Non Technical?

If you’re an engineer, it can be difficult to choose between the non-technical and the technically-based jobs after an MBA. However, there are some careers that require technical skills, such as operations management and marketing, which can be useful for engineers who don’t want to work with computers every day. In such situations, an MBA will help you expand your skills and knowledge of business and engineering.

The private sector is another option that you have for a career in engineering. While campus placements are an excellent source for opportunities in the private sector, you should also do your own research and register in reputed job portals like LinkedIn and Indeed. This will open up a world of opportunities that might not have been possible with just an engineering degree. If you want to make the most of your MBA, there are many engineering-specific roles you can pursue.

Many engineering graduates choose to obtain an MBA after graduating. The reason is that an MBA will open more doors and provide a better income. It’s estimated that 80% of engineers will need an MBA by 2020, and women now make up 30% of MBA students. Many universities now offer a combined BTech & MBA course. These programs help engineers enhance their business skills and speak with confidence. However, be aware that not every MBA program is geared toward engineers.

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While most engineers are already qualified to work in tech positions, MBA graduates with an MBA will have a higher chance of getting a managerial position. Many organisations will look for employees with a broad understanding of the business world as well as the ability to manage teams. An MBA will allow you to gain both technical and managerial skills, so consider it a dual degree before you make the decision. You will be glad you did!

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