How Do You Find the Perfect Makeup Look for Your Red Prom Dress?

Your prom dress is the star of the show, but for the dress to become an absolute highlight, you need to perfect your makeup. And when you picked your red prom dress, you clearly decided to pack all the glamour and vibrance for your prom night. And now, it’s time to choose the right makeup look for your face!

So, if your red dress is on more classic notes and has a clean line, you can play around with your makeup more freely and create a dramatic look. On the other hand, if your red dress has stunning embellishments and sparkly stones, you must keep your makeup minimal and sophisticated.

Either way, the cosmetics you choose and the look you aim for should only enhance your overall look. And here’s one perfect look you can go for, which will complement you and your outfit:

The Classic, Ol’ Red Lips Look

If you recognise yourself as the confident, classic and effortlessly pretty girl, then choosing a modern, classic makeup look is the way to go. It’s the red lip look that one simply cannot ignore.

So, the primary cosmetic products you would need are a tinted moisturiser, golden cream shadow and matte lipstick. As such, do the following to create a subtle look:

  • Kickstart the process with warm water and gentle face scrub to help exfoliate your skin. Wash your face in a circular manner; it will smoothen your skin and make it look radiant as ever.
  • Make sure to exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush or sugar scrub. Also, use a little balm on your lips, and let it soak in while you apply makeup to the rest of your face.
  • Start with a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturiser, and use your fingers to spread it around. You can even use a sponge to apply it around the blotchy areas for better coverage.
  • Cover any blemishes or spots with a small amount of concealer, as this can also act as your highlighter across your eyebrow bone and the inside corner of your eyes.
  • Since this is a more sombre look, apply only a little bit of blush on your cheekbones and blend it well.
  • Make sure to define your eyes, and begin with grooming your brows with a brush. Then, apply a defining mascara on both the bottom and top eyelashes, and use a Q-tip to get a clean look around your lashes.
  • A golden cream shadow across your lids will make them look shiny.
  • You can skip the eyeliner altogether since your red lips will be the prime focus of this classic look.
  • Start with a neutral-colour liner to soften the lip line for your lips.
  • Apply a bold red, matte lip colour and use a brush to get the perfect lip shape. Make sure to blot the lipstick, apply it again, and then blot it again; this will increase the staying power of the lip colour.
  • To complete your look, brush some translucent light powder across your face, especially if you struggle with oily skin.
  • If your skin looks pale, sweep a little bronzer powder with a fluffy brush.
  • Mix some golden cream shimmery shadow with a smooth lotion and put it on your collarbone and shoulder blades for a glow.

When donning a red prom dress, you can never go wrong with the classic red lips look. Meanwhile, research shows that red lipstick has immense pulling power, causing a long gaze of over 7 seconds. And all you need to remember is to find an ideal balance in your makeup. Meanwhile, if your lip colour gets bolder and brighter, your eye makeup should become more subtle and soft.

A soft rosy look on your cheeks, shimmery eyes and glowing collarbone will complete your look. Your elegant outfit and this signature appearance will indeed become the talk of the big night!

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