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If you are a torrent enthusiast and want to download free torrent files without any difficulty, then you should know more about ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites. These public torrent directories offer a variety of features that make them useful for torrent users. However, it’s important to remember that these sites are not as reliable as they might sound. To avoid wasting your time and energy, you should choose a website that only provides free content and doesn’t censor content.


Torrent9 and ExtraTorrent are two of the most popular torrent sites. These sites are extremely easy to use, and offer verified torrents from all categories. Torrent9 also provides a search bar and a directory of popular torrent files. Unlike Torrent9, Zooqle has a significant drawback: clicking on a video file’s thumbnail will open a new window with advertising. Torrent Galaxy, on the other hand, has no ad windows and has an extensive section for movies.

Bit Torrent is another popular alternative to Torrent9. This site offers a large variety of magnet links and torrent files. You can browse its home page in a few seconds. Users can also upload their own torrent files and magnet links to help other members find them. This site is organized into several sections to help you find the content you are looking for. This can help you choose the best torrent file to download. This site is one of the most reliable Torrent9 alternatives.


If you are an Internet user looking for a proxy site for downloading torrent files, you should consider ISOHUNT. This site offers a convenient alternative to the more common torrent downloading methods. You can use it to download files that are too large to download using your own computer. It also offers a variety of download options, including downloading from the torrent file itself, a hash, or a magnetic link. Furthermore, you can use a torrent downloader to download any file that you want from a tracker.

Although the site was originally created a decade ago, it has since been rebranded by different leading brands. Its proxy allows you to enjoy the incredible content available on the site while also mitigating the annoyance it causes. Extra Torrent is one of the best torrenting sites, and you can find movies, games, and tv shows in its massive collection. It is also one of the most secure torrent sites available.

Torrent Bit

To unblock the Torrent Bit ExtraTorrent Proxy Site, open your control panel and click on the Change Adapter Settings option. Choose the option to enable HTTPS and change the proxy server settings. You will now see a list of options. Select ‘Secure Sockets Layer’ from the left pane. This setting will make your connection private and secure. After making the appropriate changes, you will be able to access the ExtraTorrent website with ease.

The best torrenting websites are the ones that offer you more than just downloading files. ExtraTorrent is one of the most popular ones, and it’s no wonder why. Its high-quality content, fast loading speed, and advanced file-sharing system accessibility make it one of the most popular torrent sites on the internet. Its clean interface is a great benefit, providing a tidy method to download films, TV shows, anime, and other media. It hosts almost every type of file

Torrent Bit is a publicly-curated torrent directory

Torrent Bit is a publicly curated torrent directory that has been around since 2006. It has been used by many people to download movies and music, and it has a very wide selection of content. The list of genres and content is extensive and updated daily. Some of the fastest torrents are available at this site, and you can access them for free. Many users have recommended it as their favorite


Torrent Bit uses a transparent search engine to find files from top torrent sites. It indexes all torrent files and lets you search by name, size, or seeder/leecher ratio. Torrent Bit has a clean interface and doesn’t have many ads. It also lets you download torrent files directly from the search results. It is very easy to use and offers many features


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